Serving the people of Harpole

Community Infrastructure Committee

Members of the Community Infrastructure are

  1. Cllr Bess
  2. Cllr J Gibbins
  3. Cllr Oliver
  4. Cllr G Orr
  5. Cllr Smethers
  6. Cllr Wilkinson


Membership shall be 5 Members of the Council.

Meetings must have 3 Members to be quorate.

Terms of Reference

  1. To manage and control parks, recreation grounds, public walks and public open spaces, including trees, in the ownership of Harpole Parish Council.
  2. To control allotments through the Allotments Sub Committee and receive its reports
  3. To manage and control the following:
      1. Street Lighting – Footway Lighting.
      2. Trees on land owned or managed by the Parish Council
      3. Street Furniture –litter bins, dog bins, seats and benches owned by
      4. HPC, Bus Shelters.
      5. Grass cutting of all Council owned and managed open spaces
      6. Grass cutting verges on behalf of Northamptonshire County Council.
  4. Property Holdings - To effectively manage and maintain the property of the Council
  5. To enter into tenancy agreements and to license grazing and mowing rights in
  6. respect of land holdings etc.
  7. To monitor contracts, relevant to the responsibilities of this committee, to ensure that
  8. the performance meets the agreed specification.
  9. To deal with all matters relating to the creation, diversion and closure of public
  10. footpaths.
  11. To comment on Traffic Orders.
  12. To make recommendations to the District Council with respect to Street Naming.
  13. To make recommendations to the County Council on Traffic Management matters.
  14. To process complaints regarding traffic signs, road and footway surfaces and poor
  15. reinstatement etc. with the appropriate authorities
  16. To make observations/comments on all matters in relation to public transport.
  17. To receive reports into matters relating to the Churchyard and to authorise any appropriate action.
  18. To be responsible for the Parish Council's role in relation to community events (Best Kept Village, litter picking, Scarecrow Festival etc.)
  19. To deal with matters relating to flooding issues within the parish
  20. To recommend to the Finance Committee, within the agreed policies and approved estimates of the Council, authorization for the appropriation, acquisition and disposal, whether by purchase, sale, lease, licence or grant, of land and interests in the rights concerning land under the ownership and management of the Council. The final sanction for any such decision/recommendation shall always remain with the Parish Council.

Matters Delegated to the Clerk

To authorise minor repair work on Play Equipment and/or street furniture within

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