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Here are some recently asked questions

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What if I want to attend a meeting and speak?

All Council and committee meetings are open to the public, and you are very welcome to attend. Full Council Meetings are usually on the 2nd Monday of every other month at the Old School Hall. (see the calendar for dates). The meeting Agenda is published at least 3 full days before the meeting and is on the Council website and notice boards. The full Council meeting starts at 7pm. There are Public Forums in the meeting, the public forum lasts for a total of 15 minutes. Each member of the public can speak for a maximum of approx. 3 mins, all questions are noted, and will either be responded to within the meeting or by the Clerk in the days following the meeting.

Once the main meeting has started, no further comments from the public are allowed unless requested by the Chairman.

Why we don't fix potholes?

West Northamptonshire Council Highways Dept are responsible for all road and pavement repairs. We can report problems, but so can you, on FixMyStreet (

If you do not have access to the internet you could call the Parish office on 07878 192095 and we will report it for you.

This link can also be used to report fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles.

Is HPC responsible for mowing the verges and street furniture?

Yes, the Parish Council uses a contractor to mow the verges and we also use the services of a self-employed contractor to repair and maintain our street furniture such as the bus shelters. The cost of this is met by the precept which is a portion of the Council tax that residents pay.

Who repairs the streetlights?

HPC pays for street lighting, repairs and electricity. Recently all lighting units were replaced with fitted LED lamps that last longer and use less electricity. Replacing the streetlights was funded by the precept. If a light is not working please call/e-mail the Parish Council Clerk.

Why did/didn't you refuse a planning application?

HPC does not have the power to refuse or agree to a planning application. We review every application and either offer no comment/objection or raise concerns. These comments are sent to the planning department at West Northamptonshire Council who ultimately decide. Any member of the public can submit their own comment by going onto the WNC website here.

Follow the link to the South Northants area planning forum, and instructions are provided on how to view/comment on applications

In the dropdown menu, search for Harpole and you can see the applications.

I still see dog fouling, what are you doing about this?

We have put various dog waste bins in the village. The Parish Council have no powers to pursue offenders. if anyone sees someone letting their dog foul please report it to Environmental Health at WNC on the following link


Last updated: Mon, 24 Jul 2023 13:07