Serving the people of Harpole

Planning Committee

Members of the Planning Committee are:

  1. Cllr Gardner
  2. Cllr Garner
  3. Cllr J Gibbins
  4. Cllr M Orr
  5. Cllr Wilkinson

Terms of Reference

  1. Membership shall be 5 Councillors.
  2. Meetings must have 3 Members to be quorate.
  3. To make observations/comments on all routine planning applications.5.3.3 To make observations/comments on tree preservation orders and listed building consents.
  4. Monitor large scale planning requests from developers and report to the Parish Council
  5. To make observations/comments on planning appeals and related matters.

Matters to be delegated to the Executive Officer (Planning)

      • Comments to the Planning Authority are required within 21 days of the Council receiving the planning applications and it may therefore be necessary for the Executive Officer in conjunction with the Planning Committee Chairman to submit comments and report to the next meeting.

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