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Policies and Procedures

All of our documents are stored in our document management system (DMS) where you can also view our policies and procedures.

The parish council has a number of documents that deal with governance and regulations. Several of these key policies are listed below;

All of our policies are available online or by request from the parish office.

  • Harpole Parish Council Standing Orders (PDF, 276 Kb)

    Harpole Parish Council Standing Orders

  • Financial Regulations (PDF, 248 Kb)

    These Financial Regulations, adopted by the Council at its meeting held on 18 May 2020 govern conduct of financial management by the council and may only be amended or varied by resolution of the council. Financial regulations are one of the council's three governing policy documents providing procedural guidance for members and officers. Financial regulations must be observed in conjunction with the council's standing orders and any individual financial regulations relating to contracts.

  • Effectiveness of Internal Control 2021 (PDF, 105 Kb)

    1. The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 require Councils to undertake an annual review of their internal control arrangements and report the outcome of the review to an appropriate meeting of the Council. This review should include a review of the effectiveness of the Council's system for the management of risk. Regulations require a "smaller relevant body" to undertake an annual review of internal audit arrangements. This report examines the current situation and any suggestions for improvement.
  • Harpole Parish Council Grants Policy (Draft) (PDF, 728 Kb)

    Harpole Parish Council Grants Policy (Draft)

  • Data Breach Policy (PDF, 133 Kb)

    Data Breach Policy (For adoption)

  • Discipline and Grievance Policy (PDF, 120 Kb)

    Discipline and Grievance Arrangements

  • Data Protection Policy (PDF, 123 Kb)

    Data Protection Policy

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