Serving the people of Harpole

Strategy, Change and Engagement Committee

Members of the Strategy, Change and Engagement Committee are:

  1. Cllr Bess
  2. Cllr Cordingley
  3. Cllr Gardner
  4. Cllr Oliver
  5. Cllr Roberts
  6. Cllr Smethers


Membership shall be 5 Councillors

Meetings must have 3 Members to be quorate

Terms of reference

  1. To review the overall effectiveness of the Council's work and the standards and level of service provided. To identify the need for new services and to keep under review the necessity for existing ones
  2. To review annually all Standing Orders of the Council and Terms of Reference of Committees and make appropriate recommendations to the Council.
  3. To review the policies on the Council and make recommendations for additional policies as required.
  4. To advise the Council on all aspects of the S106 Developer Contributions, Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) payments, Heads of Terms and any other legal agreements drawn up between the Developers, Harpole Parish Council and South Northamptonshire Council (SNC).
      • The financial implications of the agreements.
      • The total commuted sums.
      • Community buildings included/ proposed
      • Formal parks and woodland or county parks to be transferred/adopted
  5. To make observations/comments on planning policies, Joint Core Strategy and detailed local plans appropriate to the parish
  6. To be responsible for maintaining the Harpole Neighbourhood Plan
  7. To be responsible for appropriate communications and engagement with residents to inform and publicise the work of the Parish Council

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