Serving the people of Harpole

The Staffing Committee

The Membership of the Staffing Committee is TBC


Membership shall comprise the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council and

three other councillors.

Meetings must have 3 Members to be quorate.

Terms Of Reference

  1. To deal with all matters relating to recruitment and appointment and terms and conditions of employment for all staff.
  2. To make recommendations to the Council regarding policy for the remuneration, employment, welfare, superannuation, qualification and other conditions of service of all employees.
  3. To determine and monitor appointment procedures
  4. To establish and regularly review personnel policies and procedures including staff appraisal.
  5. To annually review staffing levels and make recommendations to the Parish Council.
  6. The appointment and dismissal of members of staff other than the Parish Clerk.
  7. To manage the Annual appraisal process including objective setting and monitoring t for all staff.
  8. To review and agree a matrix system showing which Members of the Parish Council would be able to sit on panels related to the Disciplinary & Grievance Procedure should the need arise.
  9. To convene an Appeals Committee if and when required.
  10. To authorise the attendance of officers at conferences or courses including the incurring of necessary expenditure
  11. To monitor training and development needs of staff and Councillors.
  12. To ensure that all Members of the Council are aware of and understand their responsibilities in staffing matters.

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